Five articles every parent should read about bullying

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Advice and information for parents on bullying, cyberbullying, LGBT bullying and what to do if your child has been bullying someone else.

  • 1. Respect Me is Scotland’s anti-bullying charity. Its advice and information on how to help your child if they are being bullied is clear, concise and sensible. Click here
  • 2. Tips to pass on to children who are being bullied, from bullying charity Kidscape.Click here
  • 3. What if your child has been bullying someone else? Sensible, no-nonsense advice from Respect Me. Click here
  • 4. Tips from Stonewall on LGBT bullying in school, whether your child is LGBT or not. Click here
  • 5. How to report issues directly to social media sites, including incidents of cyberbullying. Advice from CEOP. Click here

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