One of a kind: resisting the pressure to conform

boosting daughter's self-esteem

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ʻPeer pressure may lead some young people to abandon their own sense of styleʼ

Young people are faced with a great deal of pressure from both their peers and marketers to look a certain way and follow the latest fashion trends so they fit in with others around them. As they start to get older, this peer pressure may lead them to abandon their own style and follow what they think they should be wearing, gradually losing their sense of individuality.

So, in the face of this mounting pressure, how can you help your child feel confident about the way they look and help them to embrace a style that reflects their own personality?

Tip: Tell them it’s OK to be different  

One thing you could do is make a game of looking out for men and women who seem to have their own unique sense of style. When you spot them, ask your child what they like about their look and what it says about them. Once they see real people being unique and having fun with fashion, they may feel less inclined to dress just like their friends.

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ʻI think most of the pressure comes from what people will think, especially now with social media...ʼ

These school students talk about some of the daily pressures they face. 

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