Positive body image: rising to the challenge

Boost body image for children and young people

Lorraine Kelly has been working with the Dove Self-Esteem Project to help boost young people's self-esteem. In this video, Lorraine explains why the Confident Me workshops in schools are so important and how we can come together to help boost young people's body confidence

ʻWords can have a huge impact on our self-esteem,ʼ explains body confidence expert, Jess Weiner. ʻConstantly talking negatively about our bodies can reinforce the idea that there is only one type of body shape that is beautiful.ʼ 

It's very easy to find ourselves talking about the way we, or others, look. but, the way we talk about body image is something our children easily pick up on. And, this goes beyond negative talk, such as 'I look fat' or 'Does this make me look too short?ʼ Even talking positively about appearances places a huge emphasis on their importance and can shape the way young people feel about their own bodies. 

Tip: Encourage your child and their friends to take the one-week challenge to not talk about their bodies 

Challenge your child to one week of not talking about appearances at all, this includes any posts on social media. To make it more fun, you could join them with the challenge or encourage them to take it with friends. Even if they can't manage a whole week, it will make them aware of, and question, how often they, and other people, talk about body image.

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