Snapchat - a parent's guide


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Snapchat is a picture sharing app that is hugely popular with young people. As of May 2017, the app was attracting 166m users a day.

It is often referred to as 'the sexting app' - even though there's no research showing that to be true and plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that isn't the reason most teens use it.

The app focuses on capturing ‘moments’ quickly with users taking images and videos and sending them instantly.

The unique feature of Snapchat is that images disappear within seconds. Snapchat users can specify how many seconds they would like their images to be seen by the recipient(s). This can range from 1 to 10 seconds.

Thinkuknow - the education programme of The National Crime Agency’s child protection command CEOP -  has created a guide for parents and carers to help them understand the functions and features of Snapchat and ways to help young people stay safe while using it.

Click on the link below to read CEOP's comprehensive guide to Snapchat.

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