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Exam season can be a stressful time.

digital re

But what exactly is digital resilience? And what can we do as parents to help our children develop it?

social media

Top tips on how to help your child make their online presence work for them and create a positive digital footprint

Online safety for children

Instagram is now bigger than Twitter. What's the big attraction? And is there anything parents and carers need to know?

Screen time: a common sense guide for parents

Children need boundaries to make them feel safe - and to push against. This is as important online as off. The Parent Zone's Sophie Linington offers some tips on digital boundary-setting.

Image changed through glasses to sunset and coloured sky

Digital literacy and online resilience: a parent’s guide

Boy on tablet

From Netflix to NowTV: how to keep your family safe when viewing TV and films online and on mobile devices

Digital parenting

Top tips on staying up-to-date with what your child is doing online

Divorce and children

Divorce and separation are tough on children, but as a parent you can make the process and its effects less painful through good communication. Here are 10 tips from Gingerbread to help

Body confidence and self-esteem for teens

Parent Info has partnered with the Dove Self-Esteem Project to offer parents advice and information to help children and young people build confidence and feel good about themselves.


Helping your child with their homework and revision can often be a huge benefit when it comes to exam day. Here's what you need to know to support your child's learning. 

Phone images

Your child is probably going to come across unwanted images online. Not an easy topic for discussion. So how do you broach the subject?

CEOP’s Dr Elly Hanson offers advice on how to address the tricky issue of online porn with your child

online safety

The really important things that every parent needs to know about online safety.

Google screen grab - critical thinking

Critical thinking: a parent’s guide to fake news and helping your child question what they see or hear online

Child-friendly terms and conditions on social media; a parent’s guide 

Boys on a beach with wild waves

Tips for parents on protecting your child from abuse, by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

pegi descriptors

PEGI unpicked: UK video games ratings explained in full


Everything you need to know about Snaptchat, the hugely popular picture sharing app

Ways the internet can be good for children and internet safety

We hear a lot about the negative effects on children of using the internet but it can also be a positive thing. Here’s our guide for parents

Pokemon Go

Everything you need to know about Pokémon Go, including concerns for parents and safety tips

Keeping safe on snapchat

Snapchat: how tor react if things go wrong

social media

Here's how to set parental controls on apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


How can your child spot relationships that are going to hurt them? Read our parent guide to abusive relationships and what to do about them

Stormy weather family

CEOP's tips for starting a difficult conversation with your teenager – and where to take it after that


Jeremy Davies of The Fatherhood Institute offers his top tips for what dads can do particularly well. 

Back to school

Five tips to help your child tackle their first week at a new school with ease and confidence.


Helping your child cope with exam stress: top tips for parents

School stairs

It pays to be prepared for parents' evenings...

starting university teens

Some practical tips for parents to pass on to their children on how best to prepare for university

It's the end of the summer term, with mixed emotions for some children who are moving on. But there are also practical things to consider. Here are our tips for being super-organised for the move to secondary school in September. 

The big move up to secondary school can be a bit scary. Here are our tips on how to support your child through some common teething problems.

Teaching children about money in the digital age: a parent’s guide

Obesity: a guide for parents. What is it, and what can you do if your child is overweight?

Body confidence and self-esteem for teens

Get your free parent guide to boost your child's body confidence from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

With the school holidays fast approaching, we look at some ways that you can support your child to make the most of exercise and use it to help raise their self-esteem

Teens and body image

How parents can help children and young people boost body confidence and self-esteem

Help your child feel good about themselves, however many likes they get on social media, with advice from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Body image and self-esteem

How the relationship between daughers and their fathers can affect their body image.

boys and body image

Recent research shows that boys today are increasingly sturggling with body image issues. How can parents support their son if they are affected?

Family banter bullying

When does family banter about teenagers' bodies turn to bullying? Read our advice from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Body image sad

How bullying outside the home can lead to self-esteem issues for teens: a guide for parents from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

online bullying Jedidja PD

Practical advice for parents on bullying, cyberbullying, LGBTQ+ bullying and what to do if your child has been bullying someone else

Parent Info has partnered with the Dove Self-Esteem Project to offer parents advice and information to help children and young people build confidence and feel good about themselves.

Help your child boost their body confidence and understand how celebs images are manipulated with help from the Dove Self-Esteem Project


Get your free guide to help boost your child’s body image and confidence from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Get a free booklet to encourage young people to develop and maintain a healthy body image

Body image

Top tips for parents on helping to boost your child’s self-esteem and body image

body confidence

Social media, body confidence and self-esteem: a parent's guide