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In this article, we look at gaining confidence by being your own person

Our own style and personality is what makes us unique. As your child gets older they might start choosing to express their personality through what they wear, similar to how popstars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga do with their own outfits. While some of your child's fashion choices might not be to your taste, it’s important to let them express themselves to help build their self-esteem, as long it is not putting them at risk.

If your child is dying their hair an unconventional colour to stand out from the crowd, see it as positive as they’re confident enough to go against the norm and discover their own identity.

Instead of railing against your child’s expressions of individuality, remember these points:

  • Give them a say. You may have reservations about certain clothes they wear, but meet them half way and let them pick their own accessories so it shows you respect their choices.
  • Get creative. Buy some fabric or customise an old item of clothing they’re not wearing any more, to create something completely unique.
  • Have fun. Your child is confident enough to stand out from the crowd and that’s great. It’ll help them develop their self-esteem and self-confidence as they get older.

Tip: Next time your child dresses in a way you don't like, ask yourself: does it really matter? If their safety isn't at risk and there's no other good reason to disagree with their choice, don't say anything.

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    First published: January 2018


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