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Health and wellbeing

Childhood stroke: what parents need to know

Around 400 children in the UK suffers a stroke every year. Here, Dr Anne Gordon on behalf of the Stroke Association, explains more.

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Health and wellbeing

FREE 40-page body confidence book for every parent

Get a free booklet to encourage young people to develop and maintain a healthy body image

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Safety and settings

Child-friendly T&Cs: what parents should know

Child-friendly terms and conditions on social media; a parent’s guide 

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Online teen speak


Wondering what your children are tapping into their phones? Or, in fact, what it means? Here's our parent's guide to some popular teen chat acronyms and slang words. 

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Games, apps and tech

Does your child have the skills to combat cybercrime?

Cybercrime: the NCA's National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) looks at how you can encourage your child to use their digital skills in a positive, rather than negative, way

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