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Body image

Top tips for parents on helping to boost your child’s self-esteem and body image

Obesity: a guide for parents. What is it, and what can you do if your child is overweight?

Family banter bullying

When does family banter about teenagers' bodies turn to bullying? Read our advice from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Dove self-esteem project body confidence resources for teens

How parents can develop their listening skills to help their child open up about self-esteem issues

Body image and self-esteem

How the relationship between daughers and their fathers can affect their body image.

Body image and self-esteem

How learning to speak ‘teenage’ could help communication and build confidence in your child

body confidence

Social media, body confidence and self-esteem: a parent's guide

Maryon Stewart, founder of the Angelus Foundation (now Mentor UK), offers her expert advice on how to talk to your child about legal and illegal substances that may alter their mood or behaviour

A parent's guide to picky eating: how to help your child be more adventurous with food


Our checklist of top tips for guarding your child against trouble with drink...

Reaching out

Alex Holmes, anti-bullying programme manager for the Diana Award, outlines some useful things to do if your child is being bullied online or off

Boy at desk

Three children in every classroom has a diagnosable mental health issue. Read our advice form Place2Be to help your child if they are one of them


Get your free guide to help boost your child’s body image and confidence from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Ten tips for talking to teachers if your child is being bullied at school.

Get a free booklet to encourage young people to develop and maintain a healthy body image