Partner organisations

Partner organisations working with a particular field.

Kidscape runs free workshops for young people aged 9-16 who have experienced bullying, funded by the Big Lottery Fund. Kidscape’s ZAP workshops have been running for 16 years, and have helped thousands of young people and their parents to combat bullying. Through them, we have learned some invaluable tips on how to help children develop assertiveness skills and raise their confidence so they are able to deal with bullying situations effectively.

The Dove Self-Esteem Project provides teachers, family workers and parents with free resources to help raise young people's body confidence and self-esteem. Teachers and professionals can download free resources to deliver self-esteem workshops to young people.

Daughters of Eve is a non-profit organisation that works to protect girls and young women at risk from female genital mutilation (FGM). It raises awareness about FGM and signposts support services, aiming to help people affected and ultimately help bring an end to the practice.

Priory is an independent provider of behavioural care in the UK. It is organised into three divisions – healthcare, education and children’s services, and adult care services – which together support the needs of more than 30,000 people every year.



The Disrespect NoBody campaign aims to prevent domestic violence in adults by challenging attitudes and behaviours amongst young people that abuse in relationships is acceptable.

We are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems, eating disorders and addictions for both adults and adolescents.

The Stroke Association is the UK's leading stroke charity. It delivers stroke services across the UK, campaign for better stroke care, invest in research and fundraise to expand its reach to as many stroke survivors as possible.

First News is the UK's only newspaper for young people, and the widest-read children's publication in the country, with a readership of 2,235,888 seven to 14-year-olds every week. Founded in 2006 First News is independently owned and financed.

The National Crime Agency's NCCU leads the UK’s response to cybercrime, supports partners with specialist capabilities and coordinates the national response to the most serious of cyber crime threats.

Connecting With People delivers large-scale health and wellbeing programmes across the NHS, Third Sector and Private Sector. It seeks to aid people struggling with emotional distress and suicidal thoughts.

The Mix is a free, confidential information and support service for under 25s. The Mix connects young people to experts and peers, to talk about everything from money to mental health, homelessness to jobs, break-ups to drugs and more.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) was established in 1971. It is a campaigning public health charity that works to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco. ASH receives funding for its full programme of work from the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

Since 2006, award-winning charity BulliesOut has helped make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of children and young people affected by bullying with its comprehensive programme of workshops and training programmes for schools in the UK.

Happy Steps is the UK's only research based stepfamily resource centre. The organisation offers advice and support for stepfamilies and family professionals, along with couple workshops and coaching.

The Extreme Dialogue project is an education tool aimed for teachers, parents and youth workers to help facilitate safe classroom discussions around extremism and radicalisation. It launched in Canada in 2015, and has expanded to the UK, Germany and Hungary.

My Kid Is Gay is a first-of-its-kind digital presence, inclusive of videos, advice, and resources, dedicated exclusively toward helping parents understand their Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual (LGBTQIA) children.

Ditch the Label is a leading anti-bullying charity which runs a digital support platform that provides advice and support for young people who are experiencing bullying relating to a wide range of issues including mental health, body image, sexuality and hate crimes.

Ofcom is the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. They have responsibilities across television, radio, video on demand, telecoms, wireless communications and postal services. is an award-winning networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors. It has over 1,000,000 members and is the UK's largest childcare website, offering parents the best choice of babysitters, nannies, registered childminders and private tutors.

Turn2us is a national charity that helps people in financial hardship gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services. It gives direct financial support through charitable funds, including the Elizabeth Finn Fund and the Edinburgh Trust. 

Victim Support is an independent charity for people affected by crime and traumatic events in England and Wales.

The service is fully funded by the Scottish Government. Respect Me works with adults involved in the lives of children and young people to give them the skills and confidence to deal with children who are bullied and those who bully others. 


The Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) gives teachers the tools and training to be able to embed mindfulness in their school. The course trains staff to teach students how to be mindful in everyday life, as well as during meditation sessions.

Priory is the leading provider of behavioural care in the UK, dedicated to helping people to improve their health and wellbeing. It currently treats more than 70 conditions through a network of facilities that support users' health, care and education.

The Alcohol Education Trust is a charity helping to ensure that teachers, carers and parents can help and support teenagers to stay safe around alcohol and reduce risk taking. The AET also offers teacher training and resources for non-specialists on the implications of alcohol.

PSA (the Phone-paid Services Authority, formerly known as PhonepayPlus) is the UK's independent regulator of premium rate services. Our regulation is open, fair and robust, underpinned by a Code of Practice approved by Ofcom.

The Video Standards Council and Games Rating Authority adminster the PEGI games rating system in Europe. The PEGI system helps parents to guide their children to appropriate games suitable for their age group.

Working as an independent, self-financing and not-for-profit media content regulator, the BBFC operates transparent, consistent and trusted co-regulatory and self-regulatory classification and labelling systems in the UK.

The IWF is the confidential UK Hotline for reporting criminal online content such as child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world, criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK and non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the UK.

Contact (formerly Contact a Family) is a national charity for families with disabled children. It provides advice, information and support and bring families together. They also campaign to improve these families' circumstances, and for their right to be included and equal in society.